Release Party: The City of the Living Dead (Scorpion #2)


Scorpion fans, the wait is over! The Scorpion has returned, and for one day only, October 31st, you can get both Scorpion books for $0.99.

The Sting of the Scorpion –
The City of the Living Dead –

The City of the Living Dead


Imagine a world where the Allies lost the war to Nazi Germany and America has spent sixty years under duress by Axis powers. Now imagine an America newly freed from oppression and trying to find its way—through crime and punishment. Welcome to the new America.

Post-War profits have helped Steeltown grow into a thriving industrial metropolis. But the criminal element is growing along with it. Never before has evil of such a depraved and monstrous nature terrorized the rainwashed streets of the city. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and now only the darkest and bloodiest of messiahs can prevent every man, woman and child from becoming hapless victims. Out of the shadows comes The Scorpion.

Kurt Reinhardt is a powerful and debonair newspaper publisher by day—but by night he becomes a crime-busting vigilante feared by the criminal underground and relentlessly pursued by the police. He is neither entirely good nor is he evil—and as The Scorpion his agenda is his own. To fight the criminal element he utilizes the awesome .50 caliber Sting, a garrote of piano wire, and secrets best left buried forever in the past. Aiding him in his ruthless quest for “death for death and blood for blood” are hard-boiled Police Captain Dick Barracks, Spike Malone, a cynical young hooligan out of the river district known as “Shit Town”, and Suzaku, his loyal Japanese retainer. At night in Steeltown the shadows are alive and The Scorpion crawls…


The horror started on a beautiful summer day. First one victim succumbed to the contagion taking Steeltown by storm, then it quickly spread, producing an pandemic of rabid, blood-hungry creatures intent on tearing the city down to its last blood-soaked brick. The Scorpion sets out to find the origins of the contagion–and hopefully develop a cure–but even he may be too late to save Steeltown from itself, for an insinuating evil is moving like a shadow through the streets of the city, leaving behind the charred remnants of society, and even the Scorpion may not be able to stop it.


And don’t forget to get the first Scorpion adventure, The Sting of the Scorpion.


The Sting of the ScorpionA juvenile slave trading and prostitution ring has set up shop in Steeltown, an act of perversity which lures The Scorpion out of hiding and puts him hot on the heels of Jimmy Marlowe, a notorious pimp, and his associate, the mystery man known only as “The Red Death”. Bodies are piling up, the obvious victims of an ax-wielding psychopath. Further complicating things is beautiful FBI agent Maggie James, whose goals are twofold: to break the slavery ring and bring The Scorpion and his bloody and destructive campaign to justice. But her investigation of Steeltown’s darkest sentinel brings her to the doorstep of Kurt Reinhardt instead. Will Maggie’s relentless deduction skills uncover Kurt’s past and reveal his darkest secret, or will Maggie herself be the next victim of The Red Death?

“The Sting of the Scorpion is fun neo-pulp action and violence with a great new hero in a wild alternate America.” — Gary Lovisi, Hardboiled Magazine


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