Release Party: He Tastes Like Spring

He Tastes Like SpringHe Tastes Like Spring by K.H. Koehler

My literary fantasy short, He Tastes Like Spring, is now available for $0.99 or free with Amazon Prime. This is an extremely personal story for me, and I hope you enjoy it.

Eden is unearthly, eternal. Like an angel or extraterrestrial being, she is perfect in every way. She does not cry or rage. Her body is all pure oiled machinery, her eyes clear, blood singing, thoughts pure.

And her daughter, Charlotte, is none of those things.

Charlotte smokes cigarettes. She likes rock candy from the store, and Duran Duran on the radio. She shoplifts, and she gets into hair-pulling fights in the girls’ bathroom at school. How does one compete with such a perfect mother except to not compete?

A 4,500 word short.


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