Now Available: BREAKOUT by John Grover

12414096_10153886575014198_1386077395_oCheck out John Grover’s latest fright-fest. I just hope you aren’t too claustrophobic!


The worst place to be during the zombie apocalypse is trapped inside. Louis wakes one night to discover that his wife and daughter are gone. In a frantic journey to find them he soon discovers that the world outside is falling apart and he is trapped inside of his apartment building. The windows won’t open, the elevators don’t work and the lobby is blocked but Louis will not be stopped until he finds his family. Danger lurks around every corner, mysteries unfold, and his once warm home becomes a breeding ground for nightmares. Banding together with some of the other residents of the building, Louis and the others will work together to take on the end of the world, including the hungry undead that have become trapped inside the building with them.




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