Now available! Ghost in the Machine (Kaiju Revisited #3)

koelher-cover-140-560x858I probably don’t need to mention what a hue kaijuphile I am.

Growing up in the Jersey ghetto, the concept of friends and adventure outside my household was something fraught with multiple dangers. I lived in a neighborhood where drive-bys were a common occurrence, and gang violence rampant. Neighbors were mostly immigrants who kept to their own little circles, and about the only activity that put me in contact with others was school.

That left the weekends, which were spent in my own little world, writing, drawing, reading…and watching movies. I became obsessed with kaiju at such a young age that I have no clear memories of which movie started it all. I do have a vague memory from a very young age of my mother encouraging me to watching King Kong vs. Godzilla one afternoon, though whether that wa the first movie, or many mothers had come before, I couldn’t say. Kaiju was as integrated into my interests as my own heritage or family. It was something I was known for, and even teased about.


As an adult–and I use that word loosely–writing about kaiju became about as normal a thing as anything else I had ever done. It’s something I still enjoy doing, and plan to do so for years to come.

Ghost in the Machine came about because a perfect storm occurred. I had been busy with several fairly popular pulp series when, just last year, author Brian Keen brought myself and Apokrupha together. They were looking for ladies who wrote kaiju fiction. I wrote kaiju fiction. Somehow they thought I was worthy!

I feel very honored to be part of the Kaiju Revisited series. I hope you’ll grab up Ghost in the Machine, and then move onto the other books. Tough chicks, big monsters, more disaster than you can shake a radioactive cybeast at. What’s not to like?

Ghost in the Machine (Kaiju Revisited #3) by K.H. Koehler


Goliath Is Here

Utilizing their great cybeasts, the unstoppable Xirian army has conquered a thousand worlds in the galaxy, subjugating or destroying the inhabitants in the process. Now The War Master has ordered a Level 7 cybeast to be created.

The beast: Goliath. The target: Earth.

Xara is only a scientist, more at home in a lab than a battlefield. She is just barely keeping her life together when the alien attack commences and the Xirians unleash their full fury on the planet.

As she watches Goliath’s devastating initial attack, she forms a plan—a plan that might actually stop the cybeast and save the human race, but it will take a combination of courage, treason, and ingenuity to carry it out…

Perfect for mecha-kaiju and Pacific Rim fans.





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